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  • 06 Sep 2015 5:31 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    I recently transferred into C 5561. I have been in Acute Pulmonary Unit at Fairfax for 9 days and will be here a week or more. Appreciate my brothers prayers so that I be well enough to work at OCT. Festival

    Brother Pat Rowland

  • 06 Sep 2015 1:37 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Dear Friends -

         I hope you will forgive me for not sending a more personal greeting, but I wanted to let you know of the death of my father today  My dear father transited this life at 12:34 this afternoon (Sunday). We celebrated Mass in his room this morning and we were with him when he drew his last breath...Mom, Rosemary and Scott. We thank the Lord for the remarkable life of Dad and the holy and peaceful death God granted to him. 

         We are making the funeral arrangements through Everly-Wheatley funeral home in Alexandria and we tentatively look for a wake on Wednesday, and a funeral Mass on Thursday at Saint Rita's Catholic Church in Alexandria.  The burial will be at Fairfax Memorial Park with a reception to follow.

         God bless you and please keep our family in your prayers...Father Mark

  • 06 Sep 2015 1:35 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Please pray for George and Joan Chapman. My dad, George is in Alexandria Hospital with a serious leg infection.  Today they did some surgery and hopefully he will be going home soon, however after nearly a week we are not sure.

    My mom, Joan suffers from alzheimer's and her memory is going faster than I ever expected. 

    Please keep them both in your prayers. If you know George please call him during the day.

  • 06 Sep 2015 1:35 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Brothers and Ladies, I learned that Brother Nick Bruno is scheduled for open heart surgery tomorrow, THU, 8/13, apparently for a valve repair.  Please pray that the doctors perform their career-best work on Nick, and a speedy and complete recovery.  Also keep his family in your prayers that they remain strong throughout the procedure and while Nick recovers.

  • 06 Sep 2015 1:34 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Please pray for the repose of the soul for Ed Pitts' father, Michael Pitts, a Third Degree Knight at St. Patrick Parish, who passed on Tuesday in his sleep. Actually a blessing considering his many ailments, would have made for a very rough go of it. He was 81. Please also pray for strength and comfort for the family.

  • 06 Sep 2015 1:34 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Council Family, Please add Kathy Gearhart to your prayer list for a speedy recovery from surgery yesterday to have a mass removed from her left kidney.  Also pray for continued strength for JR and the family.

  • 06 Sep 2015 1:33 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Ladies, and Council Brothers,

    Corrine Griffin, wife of Brother Tom Griffin,  had knee surgery in July and is home now, but still in a lot of pain.  It was also discovered yesterday that she has a bladder infection.  Please pray that the Lord will alleviate her pain, heal her knee and the infection she now has.

    Thank you and God bless,



  • 06 Sep 2015 1:31 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    As some of you may know we got home from Houston last evening.  The trial drug is still appears to be working as the radiologist’s observations stated that all the tumors tracked are stable, with nothing new, and with one actually showing some signs of continued shrinkage since the last scans in May.  Thank you Lord!  Please offer a prayer in thanksgiving for this news.  We are so very grateful.

    I am also asking for prayers as MaryAnn is having a procedure Thursday Afternoon at PW Hospital to drain off a pericardial effusion.  This is something that may be contributing to her shortness of breath on top of the collapsed lung.  She never complains.  This procedure is called pericardiocentesis, it is fairly straight forward but anything around her already compromised lungs, and near the heart – in this case around the heart is a cause of anxiousness for me. So if you would a prayer for this to go well would be very, very much appreciated.  Thank you.

    God bless,


  • 06 Sep 2015 1:31 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    > Our good friend who is a 3rd degree Knight (whom we were just visiting in Cape Cod) lost his brother three weeks ago.  His brother's name is Leonard LeClerc.  Please pray for his soul, and give strength to his family during this time of mourning.  Thank you.


    > Regards, Leo 

  • 29 Aug 2015 6:39 AM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    I would like to add my mother to a prayer list. She has extreme lupis, with many other ailments that thwart the disease.  I found out an hour ago she broke her hip, went into surgery, awake, under a local only, because of her conditions, and is now in the ICU with many complications. I have a limited source of spiritual friends. And I'm turning to my brothers now for any guidance or help you can offer, and in prayer. I apologize for the late hour, and my ignorance in contacting or finding the correct avenue to proceed in gaining prayer for her. 

    Her name is Madonna Heffron.  Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Yale, MI.

     Please pray for us,

     Brother Patrick Heffron

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