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Prayer Request

06 Sep 2015 1:31 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

As some of you may know we got home from Houston last evening.  The trial drug is still appears to be working as the radiologist’s observations stated that all the tumors tracked are stable, with nothing new, and with one actually showing some signs of continued shrinkage since the last scans in May.  Thank you Lord!  Please offer a prayer in thanksgiving for this news.  We are so very grateful.

I am also asking for prayers as MaryAnn is having a procedure Thursday Afternoon at PW Hospital to drain off a pericardial effusion.  This is something that may be contributing to her shortness of breath on top of the collapsed lung.  She never complains.  This procedure is called pericardiocentesis, it is fairly straight forward but anything around her already compromised lungs, and near the heart – in this case around the heart is a cause of anxiousness for me. So if you would a prayer for this to go well would be very, very much appreciated.  Thank you.

God bless,


Grand Knight - SK JR Gearhart
Chaplain - SK Fr. James Gould
Deputy GK - SK Ed Cook, PFN/PGK
FS - SK Steve L'Etoile, PFN/PGK
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