Council 5561 - Warrenton, VA

Request for Prayers

06 Sep 2015 1:35 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

Please pray for George and Joan Chapman. My dad, George is in Alexandria Hospital with a serious leg infection.  Today they did some surgery and hopefully he will be going home soon, however after nearly a week we are not sure.

My mom, Joan suffers from alzheimer's and her memory is going faster than I ever expected. 

Please keep them both in your prayers. If you know George please call him during the day.

Grand Knight - SK JR Gearhart
Chaplain - SK Fr. James Gould
Deputy GK - SK Ed Cook, PFN/PGK
FS - SK Steve L'Etoile, PFN/PGK
P.O. Box 3171
Warrenton, VA 20188

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