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Thanksgiving Day Meal Gala @ St. John

November 27th, 2014

One Great Big Family Reunion: local churches assemble for community Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: the month-long November tradition when we frantically set traveling schedules for the extended holiday weekend, gather food for charity drives, gather food, ingredients and supplies for the big dinner, and most importantly, take at least a couple moments to allow our minds to reflect on our world and the world around us, and to appreciate the family with and around us.

This year, though, several local churches are gathering at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Warrenton to take the meaning of family gathering to a whole new level. On Thanksgiving Day, from noon-5:30, volunteers from these congregations will host the first free community Thanksgiving Day Dinner for Fauquier's community.

"We want to give Fauquier County an opportunity to come together as community and as a family," said Bob Bodenschatz of St. John's. "We want to create a family feeling for our local citizens who may not be usually able to enjoy that family atmosphere. Like those who've no family close by or are unable to travel, or childless couples, or families new to the area who want the chance to meet their new neighbors."

The event menu includes all the helpings of a traditional Thanksgiving gathering: sliced turkey, cranberries, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, fresh rolls, and a great dessert.

Other volunteers for the dinner include those with the congregations from St. James Episcopal Church, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Warrenton Presbyterian Church, and Trinity Lutheran Church of Warrenton, as well as St. Luke's Episcopal Church of Remington. Other churches in the community are participating in providing whatever support they can to this charitable community event.

"I think it says a lot of the people volunteering," said Dennis Di Mauro, pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church. "It is a sacrifice, but it's one for people who, around this time, maybe struggling and aren't particularly happy, whether it's with family or trying to find a job."

Di Mauro also sees the event as a greater extension for him, his family and his parishioners to be more actively charitable and involved with those who need a caring connection.

"It definitely gives us a chance to go beyond the walls of our churches and actually give to the community," he said. "Most are more used to donating money, but there's no real connection made. Working at the dinner, though, a big sacrifice, gives us all a chance to make those kind of connections: to meet someone new, have an experience and help each other in Christ's love."

"Joint community service projects like this Thanksgiving Dinner will strengthen outreach in the county," said Dorothy Smith of St. James Episcopal. "We look forward to more multi-church driven efforts in the community." 

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