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  • 17 Dec 2015 10:54 AM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Reminders are not actual invoices.   Invoices will be generated on or about 1/1/16 and then emailed.

    To pay your dues early - please follow the steps below:

    1. Login to the website
    2. In the Login box, under your name - click on "View Profile"
    3. Upon entering your profile - excellent time to update your info
    4. Click "Update and next" and it will start the financial/dues process
  • 17 Jun 2015 7:47 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    YES You Can!

    1st - login to our new website

    2nd - Click on the Directory menu item

    3rd - Search for the Brother by name

    4th - Select/Click on the Brother's name

    5th - Click on button  "Send message"

    6th - Fill in Subject & Body - click Send

    7th - A confirmation message will appear

  • 15 Jun 2015 2:01 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Looking for content? Member? Event? 

    On every page (except About) on our website - please look in the upper right corner of the page and you should see a box with "Enter search string"

    Type a word (Whitney) and then click the default or Directory link


    Perform a full Search for 'whitney'  and a list of hits will be shown and you can select a page to see more info

  • 15 Jun 2015 1:57 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    What & Why?

    A Site Map is a list of pages on a web site.

    This might help you find a specific page of interest:

    Site Map

    Note:  The link to this feature is on our Contact page.

  • 15 Jun 2015 10:04 AM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Is there one?  You bet!  The Survey is on this page:


    There are 16 questions - some multiple choice, some drop down, some are for comments (text box), and the last one is a table with clickable button selections.

    Even tossed in a few non-website questions that are Knight type questions.

  • 14 Jun 2015 8:01 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    After login and in your Profile - you can select/see "Groups" which are essentially Committees or activities you can select in your Member info.

    View Profile

    Why would I select one or more of these?  You can select one (or more) of these groups that you have supported or would like to support in the future.

    How does this help our Council?  With a database driven website - we can search for all Brothers who have supported the "Pancake Breakfast" or who might like to. Thus, we can save searches and quickly reach out to Brothers who have associated themselves with a group(s) via phone, email, etc. need arises.

    Is there a limit?  You can select them all if you wish, none if you wish, or anything in between. 

  • 14 Jun 2015 7:54 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Our Council supports several groups and you can see them here:


    As we gather more information from our Ladies, etc. - there will be more details for each of the six groups currently listed.

    When I look at my Profile and/or edit my Contact info - there is another list of Groups.  What are these for?  Essentially, in one word or less "Committees" - please see the Committee tidbit for details.

  • 14 Jun 2015 5:02 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Want to reach out to a Brother?

      Heard a Brother's name - need to see his face?

      Would like to call a Brother - need a phone #?

       How can I send a Brother an email?

    Login, then click on this page:


    From here - you can get answers to all the above questions.

  • 14 Jun 2015 4:56 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    Telling Our Story starts with this page:


    This main topic of interest has many sub/child pages.  One of the key pages is:


    There is a ton of data here and more coming in - please check back and enjoy.

  • 14 Jun 2015 4:47 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

    To view Council events page:


    Note: To see all events - please remember to login to the website first, as some events might be Members only.

    To view Council Calendar page:


    Events of many types can be listed here including meetings, dances, dinners, etc.  We can now RSVP, pay online for fee events, and help our Chairs obtain good info for planning, etc.

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Grand Knight - SK JR Gearhart
Chaplain - SK Fr. James Gould
Deputy GK - SK Ed Cook, PFN/PGK
FS - SK Steve L'Etoile, PFN/PGK
P.O. Box 3171
Warrenton, VA 20188

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