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14 Jun 2015 8:01 PM | TIMOTHY (Tim) WHITNEY (Administrator)

After login and in your Profile - you can select/see "Groups" which are essentially Committees or activities you can select in your Member info.

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Why would I select one or more of these?  You can select one (or more) of these groups that you have supported or would like to support in the future.

How does this help our Council?  With a database driven website - we can search for all Brothers who have supported the "Pancake Breakfast" or who might like to. Thus, we can save searches and quickly reach out to Brothers who have associated themselves with a group(s) via phone, email, etc. need arises.

Is there a limit?  You can select them all if you wish, none if you wish, or anything in between. 

Grand Knight - SK JR Gearhart
Chaplain - SK Fr. James Gould
Deputy GK - SK Ed Cook, PFN/PGK
FS - SK Steve L'Etoile, PFN/PGK
P.O. Box 3171
Warrenton, VA 20188

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