Council 5561 - Warrenton, VA

Knights' Night - Family Picnic

  • 09 Jun 2017
  • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Pavilion


  • $0.00

"We're hosting an end of the year Knights' Night for all our Brothers and their Families.  This special event will be held on Saturday, June 13th at the award winning location:  Bernie's Place - a.k.a. the Pavilion.  Start Time is 6 PM - rain or shine.  ;-)

Food:  5561 will obtain all the main fixings from three great local sponsoring restaurants. We'll have ready-to-eat favorites to tantalizing & satisfying everyone's palate:  Chick-fil-A, Ledo Pizza,  and Red Hot & Blue.   :-*   Given this is a family event - we ask that you bring your favorite dessert to share with your brothers & sisters. 

Drinks:  We'll provide the basics thirst quenchers - water, lemonade, ice tea, along with an ice cold adult tap beverage.   8-)   Please feel free to BYODs and ensure every cup in your family runneth over.  Note:  Lawn Chairs with beverage holders highly encouraged!

  Sorry, no bands or DJs - just a plain ole good movie (PG) fit for everyone to watch.   When you RSVP - there are three choices to vote on.  Show Time:  7:30ish PM - after cleanup & Pavilion setup for the Big Show.  =-O

Costs:  Totally Free!!!   :-)   As you've heard, Council 5561 is going all out in June to support KOVAR!  In keeping with this theme - we'll can collect online donations via your RSVP.  KOVAR jars will also be strategically placed on the 13th.   Our Goal:  A cool $1,000 for the KOVAR kitty.

RSVP:  Online & Easy!  Why?  Do we buy food to feed 50, 75, 100, or 150 plus?  Without your much needed RSVP its "Lose-Lose" scenario for you and our Council.   :-(    Please take a minute and point your browser to:

As Summer begins - what better way to start the season!  :-)    See you in 23 days at Bernie's Place!

Questions  :-\   - Please email them to your Co-Chairmen:

Brother John Mazurkiewicz -
DD/PGK Tim Whitney -

Grand Knight - SK JR Gearhart
Chaplain - SK Fr. James Gould
Deputy GK - SK Ed Cook, PFN/PGK
FS - SK Steve L'Etoile, PFN/PGK
P.O. Box 3171
Warrenton, VA 20188

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