Squire Roses Circle

Squires Emblem
The Squire Roses were established in 1996 under the leadership Mr. Russ DeRose and the Virginia State Council, Knights of Columbus.

The process for the birth of the Squire Roses took just over four years. In March 1993, Squires Circle #3992 (St. Mary of Sorrows) held a recruitment drive. Several young ladies asked if they could join the Squires, or if there was a similar group they could join. Regrettably they were turned down, as the Squires are an organization for young men. The seed was planted, though, which would soon grow into a beautiful rose.

Each Circle is supervised by a Knights of Columbus Council or Assembly and has an advisory board made up of either the Grand Knight, the Deputy Grand Knight and Chaplain or the Faithful Navigator, the Faithful Captain and Faithful Friar. Circles are either Council based, Parish based, or school based, depending on the location of the Circle and the Knight counselors.

The Squire Roses officers consist of Chief Squire Rose, Deputy Chief Squire Rose, Secretary, Treasurer, and Ceremonial Guard. Adults (members of the Knights of Columbus or their affiliated Ladies Auxiliaries) fill the roles of Chief Counselor, Chancellor and Father Prior. Our current members of St. Veronica #0007 are:

  • Sallie Carta – Chief Counselor, 540.878.5760
  • Stacey Carta – Chief Squire Rose
  • Sara-Elysse White – Deputy Chief Squire Rose
  • Evelyn Grace White – Treasurer

Our first business meeting will be on September 9th, 2010 @ 5:00 PM in the Council’s Social Room.

We are a small circle, but very active in supporting the Knights, our Parish, and our Community:

* Coloring at pancake breakfast
* Helping with dinner events when appropriate
* Very active in the spiritual events
* Pilgrimages
* Corpus Christi
* Easter Vigil reception
* Dinners for priests
* Holiday parties for seminarians
* Religious appreciation dinner
* K of C Easter egg hunt
* K of C childrens Christmas party

Our Circle also has a Yahoo Group and if you wish to be added, please let Sallie Cart know.

Please consider joining us. Thank You for visiting our web page!

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